Equipment Financing

Effortless Equipment Financing  Leasing Options

There’s no question that your business needs high-quality equipment to maximize its profits. Don’t hold back from getting equipment you need! At Buffalo Commercial Solutions, we make it easy for you to qualify for financing, choose state-of-the-art equipment and take care of monthly payments in a way that’s comfortable for your business operations. Instead of waiting years to save up for a critical piece of heavy machinery, why not get started right away and increase your company’s profits immediately?

Effortless Sign Up and Qualification for Equipment Financing

Our goal is to help you get the right equipment for your business as soon and as comfortably as possible. We have a range of equipment financing solutions that adapt to your budget and specific operating needs, including flexible payment options. Getting prequalified for a sizable loan is fast:

  • Application approval only takes 24 hours for most equipment
  • Qualification in three to five days for large-ticket items
  • Simplified business application
  • Fair credit rating is often sufficient
  • Several different payment structures available
  • No financial statement needed for many applications
  • No down payment required with many types of equipment

This simplified application process makes us popular with business owners in many different industries. We’ve helped construction companies get heavy machinery, work tools and other types of construction equipment quickly and easily. We’ve helped manufacturers expand their production capabilities significantly without needing outside collateral. Our team is happy to help your business, too!

Comfortable Interest Rates and Terms

Our equipment financing comes with sizable loan amounts that are enough to take care of the largest equipment. Our terms are customized to your business needs, offering plenty of time for you to complete payment.

We also have a full range of equipment leasing programs for established businesses and new businesses alike. Our equipment leases deliver the same excellent flexibility, with lower monthly payments and easy upgrade options. Let us help you find the ideal solution right away.